Anabolic Steroids Shipping Terms

How does It work?
It occurs quickly and discreetly once your request has been completed. Upon acceptance of your request, the chemicals purchased are packaged and sealed by one of our staff without any description of the contents, before being brought out to our chosen affiliate company, then sent to the location you specified during the payment process.
Arrival Time Range

What time can I expect my orders to arrive?
As stated in the above section, once your​ request has been completed, it can then be brought out In tandem with where you are in the world. The time at which it will arrive at your chosen place can vary.
So below are a set of timeframes that can be used to estimate when it can arrive from the time of dispatch:
●     Europe – approximately 1 week
●     North America – approximately 2 weeks
●     South America – approximately 2 weeks
●     Africa – approximately 3 weeks
●     Asia – approximately 3 weeks

What areas do you not deliver to?
The arrival to South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are not possible.
Payment Methods and How to Use Them

What methods are appropriate?
The site accepts payments from the following:
●     Bitcoin
●     Western Union
●     MoneyGram
Do any of the above include a surcharge?
No. All payments are accepted and can be made without an additional surcharge being incurred.
Once the order is paid
How will I know if the request has been accepted and it is complete?
If your payment has been accepted and your order is successful you can then see the status of your order after 24 to 48 hours after you log into your account and filled out the Payments Information form.

What happens once my order is complete?
It will then be brought out within the next 1-2 business days.
What to do if the order is broken or not appropriate

What do I do if my order is damaged or broken?
Firstly, return to the site. Then, contact our support team via the contact form and make certain you have photographic evidence of any damage or incorrect action.
You will then be asked to return the item so the situation can be fixed. To do this, make certain that the return location, which you will be supplied, is correctly labelled on the return label.

What do I do if I received the wrong item, or an incorrect amount of an ordered item?
This follows a similar process to that described above.
Track your shipment

Is it possible for me to track my shipment?
Yes. We offer tracking on all of our items through so you can know where your item is, estimate when it will arrive, and plan your training, diet, and supplementation accordingly.

How much extra does it cost to track my shipment?
All of our shipments offer tracking free and complimentary with your request. You will not be charged extra for this.
How do I track my order?
Once your request is done and the package has been dispatched, you can track the item via This should be done by entering your reference number, found on the site alongside the details of your shipment, on the site of the company to locate it.